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CZ Shadow 2 Urban Grey


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Regulated article

Category : B - 1

Acquisition scheme: Authorization

Necessary documents :

1 / A proof of identity, from the following list:

• Your national identity card

• Your passport

• Your resident card

2 / The proof of acquisition:

• A copy of a valid shooting license.

• For French resident : The original of both blank Prefecture Class B Authorizations or the original of your Class B Authorization released less than 6 months.

For European or non European customers, a valid import permit to acquire the product. Please contact us for more information.

3 / Delivery:

• Proof of residential address

• For intra-community shipments or exports, a customs clearance is required in addition to the above. Please contact us for more information.

The shipping of your order will be made only after receipt of all documents and the reception payment of your order.

The shipment will be made in two separate parts of minimum 24 hours in accordance with the legislation in force

CZ Shadow 2 represents the generation of today's legendary CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow. This weapon was developed in collaboration with the elite CZUB IPSC shooters to significantly contribute to speed and accuracy during competitions. Using the cutting-edge production equipment a pistol was born that pushes the boundaries of IPSC sports shooting even further.


The modernisation of all the principal parts of the weapon, i.e. the slide and the frame, together with the extended barrel, enables repeating single shots more rapidly and more dynamically. The shape of the frame facilitates a more comfortable higher grip towards the axis of the barrel, while the new checkering ensures an absolutely reliable contact with the weapon in any circumstances. The increased weight of the front part of the frame and the slide results in a higher level of compensation and a gentler recoil. The innovative trigger mechanism has a smooth action, a low resistance and a shortened trigger reset. The magazine catch is more easily accessible and is adjustable to three positions, which makes reloading safer and quicker even if the shooter is moving.


The extending of the barrel to 120 mm together with the new and longer height-adjustable sights also increases the overall accuracy of this weapon. The extremely precise and the fully automated technology for the production of the other major parts by utilising robotic machining centres without this involving any manual labour additionally contributes to the high quality of the weapon’s crafting. The Arcor finish that was inspired by the design of the service models ensures the weapon’s high resistance to corrosion, weathering or mechanical damage.


Every shooter is unique. This is why a wide variety of sports and custom accessories are available. During the testing period hundreds of thousands of rounds were fired under real competition conditions. In the same manner the CZ Shooting Team’s shooters in individual IPSC situations achieved a degree of acceleration in units of seconds as compared using the original model of the Shadow. At the beginning suggestions and ideas were provided by the best IPSC shooters on the planet. At the conclusion of more than two years of the research and development process there is now a unique new weapon, which will inevitably become the rightful successor to the original model. The CZ Shadow 2 is now really competition ready!


CZ Shadow 2 – Standard package includes:

 •           Pistol featuring 1mm dia. fibre optic front sight, elevation adjustable rear sight, ambidextrous flat safety, duralumin grip panels.   

 •           Three magazines.

 •           Set of buffers.

 •           Allen key.

 •           Brush and cleaning rod.

 •           Instruction manual.

 •           Warranty card.


 Products visualisations are for illustration purpose only. Actual pistols may include extra features that are not part of the standard package.  

Weight 1,33 Kg
Caliber 9x19
Frame Steel
Grips Aluminium
Trigger  SA/DA
Safety features  Hammer safety notch, Manual safety
Sights Adjustable
Magazine capacity 19
Overall height, width, lenght 157/34/217 mm
Barrel length 119 mm or 125 mm (with barrel ramp)
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