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XL750 + Caliber Conversion + Casefeeder



  • .32 SW
  • 9MM - 38 Super - 9X21
  • .40 SW
  • .223 REM
  • .308
  • 270WSM/7MM
  • .300 Blackout
  • 338 Win Mag - 340 WBY
  • 6.5 Creedmoor



  • Large Pistol
  • Small Pistol
  • Small Rifle
  • Large Rifle
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Pack content

Conversion Kit & Dies NOT INCLUDED

The Dillon XL750 is a high-speed progressive reloading machine designed to load common rifle and handgun cartridges, from 17 Hornet though the common belted magnum cartridges in rifle, and 32 ACP through 500 S&W in handgun. Machine height from the bench is 32" without the optional electric case feeder, 38 1/2" with the electric casefeeder installed.

NO CASEFEEDER INCLUDED (available in the pack)

5 station progressive loader Station

1) resize/deprime Station

2) powder drop/flare Station

3) powder check Station

4) seat Station

5) crimp

Mechanically indexed shellplate Mechanically inserted cases, manually fed bullets. Casefeed tube to automatically insert cases. Capable of loading 500 to 800 rounds per hour Lifetime No-B.S. Warranty No dies are included with the XL750.

The basic Dillon XL 750 Reloading Machine includes the following:

* One powder measure with standard large and small powder bars (small bar installed), Small bar throws from 2.1 to 15 grains of powder, Large bar throws from 15 to 55(extruded type)-60(ball/spherical type) grains of powder.

* One prime system with large and small priming parts(appropriate size installed).

* One large and one small primer pick-up tube.

* One loaded cartridge bin

* One toolhead

* One powder die

* NO caliber conversion kit included

* One set of standard Allen wrenches No dies are included with the machine. Machine Height from bench is 32″ without the optional electric case feeder, 38 1/2″ with the electric casefeeder installed.

Below is some additional information by Dillon expert Brian Enos:

The fully progressive XL 750, with optional case feeder, is the competitive shooters dream come true. XL 650 PressIt comes with:

* Toolhead

* Automatic Powder Measure System and Powder Die

* Automatic Priming System for Large and Small Primers

* Low Primer Warning System (sounds audible alarm)

* One Large and one Small Primer Pickup Tube

* Loaded Ammo (Akro) Bin

* Loaded Cartridge, Auto-eject System

* Standard (not ball-end) hex key set (allen wrenches)

Its features include:

* Automatic Indexing

* Five-Station Interchangeable Toolhead

* Uses Standard 7/8″ x 14 Dies

* Loading Rate: 800-1000 Rounds per Hour


The 750 was designed with the serious competition shooter in mind its reasonably priced, and it can crank out a boatload of ammo. (Allowing you to spend more of your hard-earned cash on reloading components, which youll need to feed your 650.)

Recommended for loading 2000-3500 rounds/month in a single caliber, but seldom as your first progressive machine. And I never recommend it for your first reloading machine, unless you have a buddy with one. I have two minor complaints. First, it is a little more difficult to clear a stoppage than it is on the 1050. (The 8-station shell plate on the 1050 leaves you plenty of room to work; opposed to the 5-station, 650.) Second, you seat the primer manually, by feel, at the end of the upstroke, like most every other press in the world. Conversely, the 1050 seats the primer, based on a mechanical adjustment, on the downstroke.

Includes shellplate, locator buttons, powder funnel and casefeed adapter parts. available in most calibers; please specify caliber desired.

Variable Speed Casefeeder


Electric Fixed or Variable Speed Casefeeder for the XL750 & XL650 machines. With it, you simply dump in a bunch of brass and turn it on. It automatically orients the brass mouth-side up, fills the case feed tube, shuts off when the tube is full, and automatically starts as the tube gets low. Magic!
The speed of the casefeeder is controlled by a potentiometer on the casefeed funnel. It allows you to infinitely regulate the speed from 0 to 8 RPM. The motor features a universal power supply for both domestic and foreign voltages. Adaptable to either 110 or 220 Volt, 60 or 50 hz, you simply swap out the plug to the style appropriate to your region. The bowl has an adjustable window cuff and cases deflector, for a larger range of cartridge capability. Available without a feed plate for customers who are updating and already have casefeed plates.

Small pistol Casefeed plate 

.32, 380, 9mm, 38 Super, 30 Carbine 

Large pistol Casefeed plate 

40 S&W, 10 mm, 38 Special and larger, 7.62 x 39 

Small rifle Casefeed plate 

204 Ruger, 222, 223 Remington 

Large rifle Casefeed plate 

22-250 and larger

Small pistol Casefeed plate 

.32, 380, 9mm, 38 Super, 30 Carbine 

Large pistol Casefeed plate 

40 S&W, 10 mm, 38 Special and larger, 7.62 x 39 

Small rifle Casefeed plate 

204 Ruger, 222, 223 Remington 

Large rifle Casefeed plate 

22-250 and larger

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